Offline app development for Windows 10 Mobile

Will future Outsystems versions have capability to also develop offline Windows 10 apps.

I have phone with Windows 10 mobile installed and really like it.

So before I invest further time and resources learning Outsystems app development, would like to know when and if future versions of Outsystems would also include offline app development for the Windows 10 mobile platform.

Hello Ted,

As far as I know, Windows 10 Mobile is, well... dead.
So, I would say, that at least for mobile, you are out of luck.
I doubt OutSystems will invest on creating infrastructure, support, etc, for something that basically no one wants... (With rare exceptions, of course).

But maybe, in the future, OutSystems will implement OFFLINE applications, same way as there is for Mobile, for WEB. 

If you are a developer and is living from mobile development, you should consider working on Android/iOS.
If you are expecting to do personal applications for your own phone, I would say you are better looking for Microsoft tools, at this moment.