Using Java Script to Modify values in the Preparation

This is regarding Web application

I would like to know if there is any way in which the objects in Preparation can be modified using Java Script. For example I have a TextDictionary in a Preparation, is it possible to Set values to the TextDictionary using Java Script. The intention here is to find out if there are ways to manipulate Data using Client side script without doing an Ajax call to the server.

The underlying requirement is that, I want to collect multiple data from user input, store it in the client side and submit it to the server as a single call, do not want to post back to the server every time user enters the data.


Hi Raj,

To call a Screen Action from javascript you can use the FakeNotifyWidget from RichWidgets:

Does this helps you?




Thank you Jose once again for your help. I think I could use this solution.