REST API POST Method (Form URL Encoded)

  1. HI everyone i have a requirement to POST the API parameters in the Form URL Encoded
  2. however they say that i am missing input parameters can any guide me on this i didnt manage to find and materials online thanks


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Hi Hitesh,

The "Request Format" specifies the way the input parameters are sent to the REST API. "Form URL Encoded" means that the parameters are sent in the body (as opposed to the header), and that they are form URL encoded.

For this to work, you obviously need at least one input parameter, and perhaps less obviously the parameter must have its "Send In" property set to "Body" (as opposed to "URL" or "Header").

The error message doesn't say there are input parameters missing, it says that the method "requires at least one input parameter with the property Send In set to 'Body' (emphasis mine). So you're not missing input parameters, you're missing input parameters that have there "Send In" set to "Body" (as I explained above).


HI Kilian,

Thanks for the explanation. however i have a requirement to send data in a certain format but OutSystems only allows me to send data in the body in JSON format could you advise me on how to go about doing this?
the forma i need to give my value

this is what i had entered in  OutSystems, {}<-- are input parameters

PS: we manage to do it in .NET using Key Pair values

Hi Hitesh,

Let's get something clear, because you are useing confusing wording. Are you trying to consume an existing, external REST API that needs form-URL-encoding, or are you trying to expose a REST API that needs to accept form-URL-encoded parameters? If the former, see my post above, I already gave you the answer. If the latter, you can't do that directly with OutSystems, as you can only expose REST APIs using JSON in the body.