How to treat the special characters like '&', '<' and '> in a XML


When we have one of these characters in the xml which is sent to an external software, that xml is truncated immediately after that special character.
First we thought that we had to convert the code ‘&’ to ‘&’, but even with this conversion the result is the same.

What is strange is that it works fine in the opposite direction, which is when the external software sends the information to the Outsystem with those special characters.

Can someone help?


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André Charters d’ Azevedo
You can try a CDATA section that is ignored by the parser.
Hi André

You must escape those characters in XML. In order to do that you can use the CDATA section (like Rodrigo pointed out) or escape them using their numeric character references (like & and <).

For additional information about this subject check the following links:

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Miguel João