Multiple hubruntime accesses in the SQL Server

Multiple hubruntime accesses in the SQL Server



SQL Server in running out of user connection resource.
SQL Server activity shows a lot of processes used by user hubruntime.
User hubruntime starts many connections to the database and don't close the processes.


As workaround it is necessary to set up a periodic job in the SQL Server agent to eliminate the pending processes. The following provided SQL script will solve the problem, it needs to be executed within a Job. Please have in mind that this script needs to be updated accordingly to the server and the environment where it will be executed. The selection criteria for the process elimination will be based on the “Username” (only OutSystems platform users) and the process duration time. Be aware with this last parameter, process duration time, to avoid eliminating active and healthy processes, the provided script, has it configured for 25 minutes (1500 seconds). It should be adjusted according to your needs in order to accomplish the maximum timers and login sessions execution. If it happens that the existing processes last for several days, you could set the value for more days to guarantee that no active process is discarded.

Additional details on this subject could be obtained from following article:

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