Hi all,

   After get the search result. I am trying to Edit data reusing my entry form

 When redirect to the entry form I use the Preparation to get all the information about this person, using the Id but some data in the Data Base is encrypted. 

Im trying to unencryp before the data is in the fields, but doesnt work. Am I using the right way to edit the data? 


Tomás Guerrero Zavaleta

Hi Tomás,

What do you mean with "Im trying to unencryp before the data is in the fields"?

Are you executing the decrypt in the Preparation right after the Aggregate/ SQL execution? Where are you keeping the decrypted values? Is the Form bound to the right variable?



Hi Tiago,

       I mean I tryed to decryp the data I get from the data base before the data is showed the input field. I use the preparation to fill all the input field. 


Hello Tomas,

As you need to set a source to the form, a d AFTER the preparation (On a page load), when the form is built, it goes looking for data in the source, anything you set directly in form records will be overwritten.

So, as an idea, after the aggregate, when decrypting the data, store the decrypted data back in its field in the source (aggregate.list.current).

Another way is to provide as source to the form a local variable of same type as the one in the aggregate, and store there the values, in the preparation.