how to get a name or label value of a widget in a form.

Hi Ledwaba,

As i you can see in the pic i have used a combo widget in the form and in order get the value we can use the variable that i have used ProcedureForm.Record.Procedure_RecipientID also there is also another approach we can also use (Widgetname).Typedvalue Procedure_RecipientID.TypedValue. 

Hi Kirit, thanks for your response. 

Using your example, what I'm looking for is how do I get to 'RecipientID' as my attribute/column name, not the value selected. Also if for some reason the widget's name is not included, isn't there a way were I can get 'Procedure_RecipientID' defined as a label or attribute of an entity?

To be more specific, in the image attached, I have an entity named ‘Organisation’, I would like to find out how do I get the attribute names, highlighted in yellow, and not their values.

Thanks in advance.