Google Maps "CoordinateToAddress" plugin not working

I have a survey app that records the current location of users for each survey taken.

My concept is to have an input field automatically filled with the current location address.

This is done by using the google maps coordinate to address plugin which, as the name suggest, get your current location (long + lat) then translate them to an address.

It seems however that the plugin is not working properly as, I see the coordinate being recorded when viewing the database, but for some reasons they're not being translated to addresses.

Can somebody help on this please?

Hi Gael, see if this helps:

1- Use get location from location plugin ( this outputs the lat and long)

2- Create a string ( lat + ","  + long)

3- Create the maprequestapi request (http;// this has a method called (reverse)

4- Feed the string created in step 2 into the above mentioned method ( this api also needs a key, so feed also the key)

5- This method will output the data you need, like street name , housenumber etc...

If you need any more explanation on any of the steps do ask :)