Compile Timeout

The dev server I am using is not quite a powerhouse, and when compiling/deploying the CPU is sometimes pegged at 100%. When compiling large application such as Enterprise Manager it sometimes encounters an Internal timeout Error before fully compiling and/or deploying.

Where can the timeout length for the compile process be changed?


Hi Ken

There's not a specific timeout for the compilation process in the OutSystems Platform. If you're having a timeout error during compilation, it's possible that's either a SQL query timeout or an HTTP web request execution timeout, depending on the stage of the eSpace publication.

If is a query timeout, its possible that is hitting the default query timeout specified in the Hub Server Configuration Utility.
If is a HTTP web request execution timeout, then is hitting the executiontimeout setting from the machine.config file located in %systemroot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\<.NET_Version>\config.

Could you paste here the error stack of the timeout error that occurs when compiling that eSpace? It should be logged in the Service Center under Error Logs.