BPT - Terminate own process and other processes

hi there,

It is said in BPT that we need to kill other process instants that is called from one process instant when the second process instant is terminating. Say, process1 call process2:

My question is: 

1. Do we need to create own entity to record that process2 is called from process1? or

2. Is there built-in Outsystems entity that record it?

3. If there is no built-in, where is best to record that relation (process2Id, process1id,..)

4. where is best to terminate the process2 instant?

Thank you.



Hi "M",

What exactly is the behaviour you want to implement? is it something like:

  • Process A instance calls sub-process B
  • Sub-process B's instance wants to end and also tell Process A's instance to end.

If this is the case, there are two obvious options:

  • In Process A, after returning from calling sub-process B you could have a conditional path based on the outcome of Sub-process B it would decide whether to continue or terminate it.
  • Alternatively, sub-process B's instance could trigger a conditional start in Process A's instance to terminate it.

Hope this helps

Process B can have output parameters.

Use it to trigger Process A termination using Conditional Path.


I mean this scenario :

t0: Process1 launch Process2 then suspends

Process 2 do some activities and then suspends:

t1: Then some event triggers that will terminate all those processes.

My questions are:

1. Is there Outsystems built-in entity that records which processes are relating to Process1?

2. If there isn't, is there a pattern and best practise to do this?

Thank you.



A quick look at underlying tables, no 1 is a yes.

Those tables are exposed in (System)