Tip: Upgrading eSpaces to Release 4.0.1

Tip: Upgrading eSpaces to Release 4.0.1


When upgrading eSpace from older releases to 4.0.1, some Javascript and hardcoded URLs may stop working. The detected behaviors Javascript-wise could be various, but mainly affect client side automation and sometimes generates runtime exceptions, depending on the logic. The hardcoded URLs may generate HTTP Web Exceptions that are logged in Service Center and in the web Server logs as a 404 (Not found) error.


With the new features of the release 4.0.1 a set of changes were introduced that reflected in some breaking changes at the HTML and Javascript generation, among other. These breaking changes are all identified in the Technical Note Side Effects and Breaking Changes in version 4.0.1.
In a nutshell, changes in the naming of widgets IDs and webpages files can render hardcoded URLs and some widget IDs based Javascript.


When upgrading an eSpace OML always check for the referred usages by search for some particular keywords, like:
  • "node" and ".aspx" for hardcoded URLs
  • "widget" for Javascript widget IDs references
If you find any hardcoded URLs like "node12345.aspx" we recommend to add Entry points for these screens and use them instead.
In case you find widget IDs references like "widget12345", you can name the widget (for instance "WidgetName") and the ID will became "wtWidgetName". Search for the widget "widget12345" by using the Find tool of Service Studio and select "Find Resource by Name".

Hope this information is helpful in future eSpace upgrades.


Miguel João