MQTT Client does not work

Hi guys,

I'm using the component "MQTT Client" to publish messages and subscribe topics on MQTT broker.

Actually I'm using a free broker available on internet ( ,port:1883) and if I try to publish or to subscribe something via mqtt fx client installed on my pc, everything works.

If I try to do the same through outsystems, using the actions (hiveConnect & hivePublish) or (pahoConnect & pahoPublish) OR (, port:1883) no errors are returned, seems that everything is ok, but no messages are received on the broker where I am in listening.

I have also tried to use another connector called "MQTT Server Library" but here everytime the answer is "error connecting to the broker".

Could someone help on this?




Hi Vincenzo,

I suggest you post this question on the MQTT Client component's Support Forum. The team behind the component will be notified and may be able to help you sooner. Meanwhile, I'd suggest, if you haven't yet, take a look at their demo to see how to use it.

The MQTT Server Library component allows your server to connect to an MQTT server and publish messages, instead of it being done on the client-side of your applications, this means that your OutSystems server needs to be able to access the MQTT server, and provide the correct credentials.

Thanks a lot Jorge for your reply.

I want to publish & subscribe MQTT topic from server side.

The publish works with MQTT Server Library connector but the subscribe does not exist.

MQTT Client can do it but through a websocket port, but I want to do it on server side.

I have written on mqtt server library forum.

any other idea on your side?