User Login Timeout?

 Hi - we are experiencing a problem when a user lets their Outsystems application sit idle or minimized for a period of 45+ minutes.  The application appears to forget who they are as if the login has expired or timed-out.  When the user goes back into the application and starts working, and they try to navigate to a screen that requires a user role they receive a "<user role> is required" exception ... even though that user has that role.

I see where it is possible to set "Session time out" parameters on the IIS server.  If the session times out, does anyone know if the user credentials are lost?

Any other thoughts?



Unless you are using persistent login

after a certain amount of time, the session times out and the user is logged out.

You can change the IIS timeout for all applications, or you can set the session timeout on session start with a small extension like pointed here:


Excellent.  Thanks for the quick reply.  I have the "Persistent" property set to False.  I'll set to True.  I'm sure this will do the trick!