How do I do this the dragging


I try to make the webdevelopers track but Im stuck. 

At some point I have to do this : 

Set the Expression Example property to ‘Harrison Ford’

so I did type it Harrison Ford here x,y Expression -> example -> Harrisson Ford 

So far so good I think

But then I have this :

Drag and drop the DateOfBirth attribute on to the Table Records Widget,
over the 
Name column.

but whatever I try the date is inserted in the name property instead of inserting before the name property. 

What do I do wrong here ? 



Hello Roelof,

Are you dragging the DateOfBirth Attribute from the Person Entity?

Could you provide a bit more detail and either the .oml or a screenshot of what happens when you drag the Attribute to the Table Records?



Chips. I did read to fast. I did drag the whole Person Identity.

Glad you got it to work!