Help with implementing Google Login in my app

Hi there, 

We are having issues with our Google login system. I followed the standart guide posted by outsystemslab. when i create the debug apk and launch it on my phone i get the popup asking wich account i want to use, then i choose mine and it just reloads the loginscreen, i attached the .oml file so can someone please take a look? We have to finish our project in 48 hours...


You still have to login to Outsystems after login using Google Login.

Otherwise, you won't get the necessary role such as Registered and other roles that is required in your screen.

You will still be anonymous to Outsystems, that why you will be thrown again to the login page.

You have some options:

- After google login, login into Outsystems using (Systems) Component -> Login action using predefined userid.

You don't need the password.

- Use IsMapUser in Google Login parameter

IsMapUsers -> will map email from google login with Outsystems App User

OneToOneEmailMap -> i'm not too sure, but i think it makes sure that email from Google Login map only to 1 Outsystems Users.

CreateGoogleUsers -> if no user exists with that email, Google Login will attempt to create Outsystems user automatically.


Hi Harlin Setiadarma

Thanks for the reply, but i don't quite understand what the logic of my login button should look like. You also mentioned that i should add the server login action but i don't know where.

This is what the logic of my login button at the moment looks like.

Understood! Thanks a lot for your response, Harlin.

@Hidde: right before destination node to Homepage

@Vikas: you welcome... 

Thanks a lot Harlin