How to create book room in booking assignment

Book Room Button will trigger an Action that will create the new Booking in the Database. Before doing so, don’t forget to set the RoomId of the Booking to the Room selected, and the StatusId of the Booking to the status ‘Booked’. 

How to add Room number and status in Booking web screen.


Hi Krushna,

Did you already finish the Get Available Toom? In this step, you fetch a room ID, number and price, to show in screen. 

The room If should be stored directly into the Form Record Booking.Id, so you shouldn't need to do anything else about it.

For the status, just use an assign, before the CreateOrUpdate action in the Save Book room, assigning the correct status to the StatusId of the form record booking.



Hello sir,

Thanks for the solution 

Thanks, it works fine.

But I also assigned my booking id.