I don't know what is this called..the scenario like this

I give url link to users let's say www.domainname.com/Screenxxx.jsf

When users click the url then surely users will be redirected to login screen since he doesn't have a session yet.

After he logins how to make sure the screnn is Screenxxx instead of "homescreen" instead


Hi Eric.

 I think you can use ExternalSite Peroperty(Right click on Interface->UI Flows-> Common) or u can click on any UI flow to get this.

Thanks & Regards

Ramakrushna Rao Seera

Hi Eric,

That's already the default behaviour implemented by the platform... you can check it on the NoPermission screen's Preparation and the Login screen's Login screen action (both on the Common UI Flow) of any application you create.


No no...

I think I got what I want...add some logic on login screen to check on referrer url -> GetReferrerURL(). So we redirect to it when it existed.


This behavior is implemented (at least) in the latest Silk UI templates, and will be there when you create a new app based on the Liverpool Template, for example.

In this case, screen NoPermission uses function GetExceptionURL() to keep track of the screen where the security exception was thrown, allowing you to redirect after login.