[Simple Reports] Error printing graphs using HighCharts Component of Outsystems Forge

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Published on 2017-01-16 by Rafael Fantato
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Published on 2017-01-16 by Rafael Fantato


I have a report graph, using a table records in the PageContentArea of the PageA4_Portrait. The table records source is a list memory wjth a JSON Script on each record. Within the cell there is call to HighCharts Component, passing the JSON script.

The report prints 2 graphs with success in the first page. However, in the others pages the graph points desappears, and only axis and gridlines are showed.

Attached a oml with a little application reproducing the problem. Can someone help me?



Hello Fabio,

Thanks for your attention. I followed your recommendation, but it does not work. I attached a picture with the List Record/Newline options. 

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The attached file contais the report print on pdf format. As you can see, after the first page, the points graph desappears.

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