[Simple Reports] Error printing graphs using HighCharts Component of Outsystems Forge

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Published on 4 Apr by Marcos Galigarcia
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Published on 4 Apr by Marcos Galigarcia


I have a report graph, using a table records in the PageContentArea of the PageA4_Portrait. The table records source is a list memory wjth a JSON Script on each record. Within the cell there is call to HighCharts Component, passing the JSON script.

The report prints 2 graphs with success in the first page. However, in the others pages the graph points desappears, and only axis and gridlines are showed.

Attached a oml with a little application reproducing the problem. Can someone help me?



Hello Fabio,

Thanks for your attention. I followed your recommendation, but it does not work. I attached a picture with the List Record/Newline options. 

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The attached file contais the report print on pdf format. As you can see, after the first page, the points graph desappears.

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This was probably caused because when new pages were generated, the data attributes of the elements were not copied over. The latest development version copies data attributes during the generation of new pages so the graphs should work. 



Hi Marcos,

Thanks for your attention. I see in the forge that the latest stable version for my 10.0 platform, was published on 16 january 2017, then I must be using this version. 

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