[Express Edition] 2 Tips to improve performance

[Express Edition] 2 Tips to improve performance

OutSystems Express Edition includes a web server (XSP or IIS), a database server (MSFT SQL Server Express), a compiler service, a deployment service, a log service, a scheduler service (all part of Service Center), the visual IDE (Service Studio) and an integration tool (Integration Studio). This makes it a lot easier than to use several separate tools, but in some older workstations it can also have some performance impact. So here are 2 tips to improve performance:

1 - Use IIS web server instead of XSP Web Server
Unless you have a Windows XP Home Edition that does not support it, you can install and use IIS that offers better performance than XSP.
Read this post on how you configure IIS

2 - Instal Service Center in a separate server
The OutSystems Express Edition is based on an enterprise platform that has been built from the start with a strong emphasis on distributed environments. If you install Service Center in a dedicated server and Service Studio and Integration Studio in your computer, you will not only be able to better develop in a collaborative way, but you will also have better performance.

Keep in mind that it is also possible to upgrade to OutSystems Professional Edition, which features asynchronous logging, distributed deployment to several front-end servers, and having the database server on a separate machine.

Hope this helps,

Tiago Simões