I have two examples of Table Records behaving differently on the mobile screen and I cannot understand why. Attaching the pictures

In Buddy example on mobile, there is a label next to checkbox saying username.

In Session example on mobile, there is only checkbox without a label.

Can someone explain this behaviour and what does the label next to checkbox depends on?

Thank you! 

Hello Marius,

No expert in mobile app here, but, are you defining the with of the second table, or putting it inside a container with a defined width?

Can't test right now, but this seems to be the case, as if I'm not mistaken, the table will try to use the while space and if it does not fit, it behave like in the second case, becoming similar to a list with accordions...

Of it is not the case, let's see if someone more experienced in mobile can help.


Hello Eduardo,

Thank you for the response.

First (buddy) table's width is set to 100%.

For the second (session) table width is left blank, as if "match the width of elements".

None of these table records are wrapped in a container.

I've tried to set the width of a second (session) table to 100% but it doesn't make the label appear to the checkbox.
I was thinking maybe there's a way to control the label next to the checkbox, but if it is related to the number of chars and width of the table it is not likely to be controlled :?


Hi Marius,

This is a WEB application? Did'nt noticed because didn't saw the whole picture as I was in mobile. Sorry.

The problem is that in MOBILE, (for a web application), the table records is changed to a List of Accrodions. And when the system does this, it will look for the first column to put as title, and the second column ONLY if it is a LINK AND the first column is like a check box.

In your first table, the first column is a check box, and the second is a link, so it shows both of them in the title.
In the second, the first column is a check box, and the second is NOT a link, so it shows only the first...

If you put a label with link in the second column, like pointing to the same place as See Details (and this columns is not necessary anymore), it will show the #ID there.



Thanks a lot!