Hi everyone,

I need to implement a BPMN diagram with several subprocesses and an event that when called restart the process.

Use case:

  • Process A has Sub Process B and Sub Process C and an Event E
  • We are in an activity in Sub Process C
  • Calling Event E restart Process A

This could be done with BPT's?

Thank you for your help.


Hi Filipe,

If what you want is to assure that the business process restarts, the easiest way may be having a condition start that detects the event, launches another BPT Process instance and Terminates the current one.

Something like this:




Hi Tiago,

Thank you for you reply.

I like this solution but it will create a new instance of the process A. This will not be a disavantage?

Another question:

Add a Process D between Process B and Process C.

If you have to go back from C to D, how you would do? Restart the process and check were the process stops or put a decision?