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Published on 2018-11-28 by André Ramos
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Published on 2018-11-28 by André Ramos

Hi guys

I want to upload images by drag in drop, as in the image and likeis the one used here. Can you tell me if it's some widget or what it is. I already looked in the forge and tried to use the ckeditor but did not find it and did not get the result.


Hi Ana ,

If it is just drag and drop of files\images you can use this component (Multiple File Upload).




Check the attachment for the plugins resources that I used to use drag & drop image upload  and copy&paste image from clipboard. Import all files as resources and change the config.js.

The plugin named uploadimage needs to json response. So, you need a different upload url that returns a json response and you should set the config like this:

You can copy the Upload Screen from CKEditor and just change the response.

This is the how json response should be:

Be sure to clear all cached files from the browser after you are done to test it.

Also you can check the uploadimage plugin link to understand what I did: