Can't sync the data and Picture data to Mobile App

Hi everyone, I am new in Outsystems and I just have built a small app about contact list in mobile app. Data- which is a dependency from Web App and that I add a Local Storage to my Mobile app. This is my screen about data:

And this is screen about  Offline Data sync Action.

I make a button in Home Screen which trigger action TriggerOfflineDataSync to Sync Data from server to Local Storage.

My question is why i can't sync data with picture init. If i sync data only. it's ok but when sync data with picture, can't get any data.

Thank and Regards.

Hi Nguyen,

You should have no problem syncing binary data (which is what pictures are), in our mobile app we sync a lot of binary data (including images) without a problem.

So my first question is: what do you mean by "can't get any data". What do you see happening (or not)? And the second question: did you try to debug the sync? Is the server-side sync action called, does it provide the right data, what happens in the mobile app? And so on and so forth.