[Google Map Mobile] Tried to show markers on map around current location, but fail


I tried to get markers around the current location. 

I've designed the logic of latitude and longitude of markers as follows.

(Lat and Long of Store lcoation - 0.01 < Current Location < Lat and Long of Store location + 0.01) 

I'm not sure I made a wrong filter or not. Please help to check.

The process of getting markers by using POI.

I've stored the current location in forms of local variables (CurrentLocation).

Thanks all for helping me.

Can anyone help me how to query the nearest lat and lng of current location? 

Even if you can query it using some algorithm, you cannot use index, and if you're data are big expect a slow query.

I have been using Marklogic Database for a year, it has capability to do Geospatial Indexing, which is very useful and fast.

Some databases are also have that capability, like Oracle.

I suggest you use that for big list of markers.