Localization on Mobile App Globalization and GetCurrentLocale() not working??

Hi Team,

I have to get the format DateTime as per locale of Device but I am not able to get in Mobile App.

I have already used the globalization Plugin provided, But nothing help me . I Saying No plugin available in Browser as well as in my Android Redmi Note4 Device, Not able to find the gloablization plugin

Updated plugin to version 1.0.7

Also BuiltIn functions

GetCurrentLocale() Not returning anything.

Please do let me know is there any other plugin to get Device Details as per Locale.

Many Thanks

Dileep Verma

I would love to see an answer to this.
I know how to resolve this in a web app but not in mobile.

Hi, I am having the same problem GetCurrentLocale() is returning empty and I tried other ways and I can`t get the language information of the applications

Dear Dileep,

Which plugin you are using for mobile? 

Also whenever you are adding any plugin, First remove the app from your device and regenerate the app and install it.