Breaking changes when upgrading to outsystems 4.0.1

Breaking changes when upgrading to outsystems 4.0.1


I'm having difficulty understading one of the items in the "Side Effects and Breaking Changes in version 4.0.1" technical note . It is written that "The ID of the widgets in html changed in order to be based on the widget names, not on the keys. ". The fact is that I'm using Hub Server 3.1. and I already see the widget names being generated with the HTML ID wt<WidgetName>. What does this breaking change exactly mean?

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Hi Daniel,

In fact, some widget ids of version 3.1 were already generated as wt<WidgetName>. However, not all widgets had a name in version 3.1. One of such widgets is the Expression which in version 4.0 and up can have a name. Prior to 4.0, Expression widgets would have an id like wt<Parent$WidgetInternalKey>.

As a final note, from version 4.0 and up you can use the property Id of the widgets exposed in Service Studio at development time. This way you don't have to bother with the internal details of how the ids will be generated.

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Rodrigo Castelo
Thansk a lot for the prompt response, Rodrigo. It was crystal clear.

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