error is not getting logged in service center

I am getting the following error

"OSADMINPDEV"."OSUSR_FA0_TABLEOFC" with key 0 was not found

It is not getting logged in service center


Hello Lovish,

First, this error usually happens because you are trying to create (or update) a record in an entity, but there is this Foreign Key (FK) that you are NOT providing, so the platform is assign the value 0 to it, and as it is set to MANDATORY, the database try to find its value in the referenced entity and it is not finding it.

Regarding the error, if you are SEEING the error, it means that the error is being caught by an Exception Handler. Check if the property Log of the exception handler is set to Yes. If it is, than the message should be being stored in the log database and you would be able to see it in Service Center.