servicecenter login while upgrading outsystems_express

servicecenter login while upgrading outsystems_express

I have tried to upgrade from to I get a screen as attached.

I do not remember password for admin of service center. Please tell us as how can I know or reset this password for service center.

Have you tried the default password: admin?

Paulo Ramos
I alos tried database password sa123
Hi Sandeep,

For security reasons there is no way to reset the admin password, so you will need to reinstall OutSystems Service Center in a different database:
1 - In Control Panel\Add Remove/Programs uninstall OutSystems Service Center
2 - Run OutSystems Express Edition Installer again
3 - When prompted, select a different database name, this will create a new database
(Note that by default MSFT SQL Server Express 'sa' user password will be 'outsystems')

Tiago Simões