Hi All,

If i have 3roles in my app which consist of multi espaces/modules and roles are common between modules , is it any issue if i create all roles in one module(ex.user management_cs) and add this module as dependency for all others modules to be easy by admin to grant and revoke users and will reflect for all modules in same time. 

Is this approach against the best practice in outsystems?

Hello Ahmed,

Roles are shareble between modules (can be set to "public") exactly to allow a role to be used between different modules (and applications).

You probably would benefit of this online training: https://www.outsystems.com/learn/paths/8/architecting-sustainable-applications/

What you need to think is "where" to put the roles, so that you don't create circular dependencies and at the same time, do not make dependencies that do not make sense. 


Hi Ahmed,

I would think this method (making Roles public and referencing them) would be exatly a best practice for a multi-module application. Just make sure the roles are defined in a lower layer (a core service module seems indeed very well suited), so you don't reference up.