We have an mobile application which implements a reservation system. Basically the user can make a reservation through the mobile app, or can request one through the web app. We want the application to show a feedback message or schedule a local notification once the reservation has been approved or rejected (this is done through another web app). This implies scheduling a message or notification once a value on a database table has changed. Currently we have the following setup:

1. On the OnApplicationReady and OnApplicationResume mobile handlers we have a javascript elemnt which setups an interval refreshing an action

2. The 'CheckReservationsRequest' is a client action which makes a request to a web service (REST, defined in another eSpace). The WS basically answers whether there has been a change on a reservation status since last requested. If there has, this action schdules both the message and the local notification.

This setup works (provided you have a strong enough internet connection to call the WS of course) as long as the second interval is not too low. 

My question is, is this the best way to do this without actually implementing a push notification service such as pushwoosh? Are there any other way, or improvements to our method? Thanks beforehand for the attention!


   Carlos López


Hi Carlos,

I recommend you take a look at the In-App Notification Mobile, component developed by OutSystems Labs, which uses Firebase. This is not a push-notification service, it a real-time data sync service, which seems perfect for your case.

This will allow you to use real-time notifications, both in your web and mobile applications.




Basically you wanted a callback to your mobile apps whenever reservation status has been changed.

It can be achieved in many ways:

- Use Pushwoosh (paid) or OneSignal (free) for push notification

- Use Firebase either direct Javascript or Firebase plugin (including derivatives like In-App Notification)

Why not using OneSignal push notification?

It's free...

Hi Joao

That was what I was looking for. Along with the 'Local Notifications' and 'Background Mode' plugin, the app works like a charm.

@Harlin we can´t use third party providers for legal reasons, that´s why push notification services such as one signal are out of the question. Thanks for the reply though!

Best Regards,

    Carlos LSJ