Alternatif to Tab Pattern - too many constants?

hi there,

As found:

What are considered constants?

What is the other option to workaround this? How to create widget that looks like Tab, but without that limitation above? thank you.



Hi Made,

Apparently, as detailed in that post, they created an incredibly heavy screen, which is not something you should want to do, as the user experience will be really bad (incredibly long loading times etc.).

So the general advise, in case you encounter something like this, is to break up your screen in more manageable parts.

An alternative would be to implement server-side tabs (instead of client-side), or put your web blocks insides if-s so they don't render at all if the tabs aren't visible.


I agree,

if it's that heavy I would suggest to deal with tabs as different screens.

(basically a menu that looks like a tab)