Find usages in all modules bug



Espace A is opened on development environment.

Espace C is opened on quality environment.

On espace C there's an action consumed by espace A and B. Then I request to find usages in all modules. Only find espace B, when should find also espace A.

There are some issues with cross environment service studio instances.

Similar situation happens when the action is consumed by too many espaces. After hit the maximum number of espaces for a single instance, start opening espaces on the other environment instance.

Hi Nelson,

EDIT: I think what you mean with #1, it's that it doesn't find the references of the eSpace because it's opened in the other eSpace. I filed a bug for that a few months ago, in fact.

Two things: 1) I disagree that if A is opened on a different environment, that it should partake in the reference search, as eSpace A on environment X does not consume eSpace C on environment Y. The current behaviour is therefore correct, imho. 2) It is a known bug that SS will open eSpaces on the wrong environment instance in certain situations. I would like to see it fixed as well, but I don't know where it is on the road map. (EDIT: I filed that one years ago.)