I want to integrate a BLE RTLS called Ubudu into a mobile application. Is it possible to compile this SDK on Outsystems Now and how can I go about doing it?  This is the Android SDK for Ubudu:


Hi Leong Xue,

First, if you use OutSystems Now, you are restricted to the device that it supports. That's because apps started via OS Now are actually web apps, which can only use the devices that OS Now supports.

Secondly, in case you don't use OS Now but build a mobile app with the Platform, you can only use devices for which a Cordova plug-in is available (unless you can create such a plug-in yourself). See here for an overview.

You might want to explore Ubudu's Cordova Plug-in - https://github.com/Ubudu/Cordova-SDK - for this.