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Published on 11 Jan (7 days ago) by Miguel Amado
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Published on 11 Jan (7 days ago) by Miguel Amado


I configured this function correctly and it is working, thank you! 

But i want to implement this in a mobile device application. Is there some support which i can use for configuring this component to the mobile application?

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Hi Jorick,

 I have seen no support for what you ask. In fact I think it would be better if you have a specific problem in mind that you are not being able to solve so we can give you more direct help!

I am currently working on an internal office application and i want to make a connection with our Azure AD. In the webapplication i can redirect the login screen to the OAuthLogin page of the MicrosoftLoginConnector but this isn't working in a mobile application. Now i am looking for a solution to use this connector in the mobile application so employee's can use their own credentials to login into the application. 

Hi Jorick,

If you find a solution let me know. I did not work yet in a Mobile version.


Andreia Gaspar