Express Edition: How to accept external connections?

Express Edition: How to accept external connections?

I'm developing a project in which, in order to be tested, I need some friends to acceess that application. I'm deploying it in my personal computer. The problem is that external personal can't connect to the page. I'm using XSP with default configuration.

Does anyone know how to make this work?

Thank You!

Filipe Cruz
Hi Filipe,

There is no limitation whatsoever in the Express edition, with or without XSP, that limits requests from external computers. Please double-check your network topology and firewall setup. If you post the error you get when accessing the application, I might help you more.
Hi Filipe,

Are you using any firewall, like Windows Firewall?
In that case you would need to disable it, or at least allow incoming network connections on port 80.
Check this out for information on how to do this: (Scenario 2)

Tiago Simões