Many-to-Many (junction) table with Bootstrap possible?

I am curious if it is possible to bootstrap data so that two entities and a junction table can be created, just by bootstrapping an Excel file? Or does the junction table has to be created manually in Outsystems? 

I created a dummy data Excel file. This can be found in the attachment. I am curious if a junction table can be created with an Excel file by bootstrapping. 

Thanks in advance! 

I don't think there is a way to do it completely automatically, but you could do it pretty simply.

First bootstrap the books and authors normally and publish with those entities.  

Then you take a AuthorBook table that just has the names of the authors and titles of the books and bootstrap that.  Change the Default created entity so that it is then AuthorId And BookId

Then Edit the created BootstrapAuthorBook Action and add two aggregates that get the right author and book by Name and Title respectively

And last make sure you update the assign to pull from the two aggregates instead of straight from the Excel file. (it will be giving you a warning about this beforehand

Is this what you're looking for? it may not be automatic, but it is only a few more steps to get what I think you're looking for.

Hi Jordan,

This is way more than needed. Thanks! I was only curious if it was possible to create the entity BookAuthor with the attributes 'Book.Id' and 'Author.Id'. Just to create the junction table by just bootstrapping. I couldn't manage it by bootstrapping an Excel file. 

But I guess that it is not possible in this case. 

Many thanks though for your reply and situation sketch! 

Yeah it is not possible to just do straight with a table of Ids, however, this approach isn't too much more complicated, I was only modifying the bootstrap action that is created automatically.

Good Luck!