Hi Everyone,

We are building an application in which users will be uploading documents. As the documents are sensitive and might grow with time, we are planing to save them on S3. Now, officially OutSystems has no component for S3 so I was wondering if anyone has done something similar and can provide inputs on the same. I did saw the S3 connector on forge but looks like its outdated and not working properly.

Any leads on this shall be highly appreciated.


Hi Saurabh,

If there's no recent and up to date Forge Component, you're probably on your own here. You could of course use the current Forge Component as a start, and update it where necessary. I'd also suggest you try to contact the Component's author(s), perhaps they have an update, or some further tips & tricks. Perhaps you can even join the Component's team and create an updated version :).


Hi Saurabh

We are currently using the AdvancedAmazonS3 component to upload/download documents from S3 without issue.