BPT - conditional start is a Thread?

H there,

'm just wondering, is it correct that:

1. A process in BPT is a heavy-weight process?

2. A conditional start is a light-weight process ( a thread)?

Thank you. 

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Hi Putu,

I have no idea what you mean by "heavy weight" and "light weight" processes. BPT processes, like web apps and timers, run on IIS (if you use the .NET stack), and are handled by IIS. A BPT process, as well as a conditional start of a process, are functional concepts that have no bearing to the actual underlying technical infrastructure, and the way IIS executes the generated .NET code.


Kilian -

I think he's referring to an OS-level "process" and "thread", which is a bit of a mis-understanding of how BPT works.



I am mixing it up with those concepts as when i monitor the process, there is the same terminology.. like listening, etc... and when the process is terminated, the conditional-start stopped also (light-weight process / thread), but the sub-process (heavy-weight process) need to be killed "manually".


@Justin: right, that's indeed a bit of a misconception.

@Putu: an OS process is not an OS process :).