access image in file system

is it important to call rest service to access image stored in file server or we can give the direct path to access the image in file?

Hi Lovish,

What are you trying to accomplish? Why do you think you need a REST service? Could you provide some more details please?

i have stored the image in file system and i am retrieving the image in image widget url. My question is : can i pass the direct url path or i ave to call the rest api where i have to pass the path and that use binary read option to read the binary and that binary content will automatically append to image widget

Hi Lovish,

Images that are included as Images in Service Studio can be found in the img/ directory (and are accesible from the URL of your eSpace + img/, so e.g.

When you say "I have stored the image in [the] file system", do you mean you have written an image to disk from OutSystems, or did you manually put it somewhere? If the latter, and you want to use that image from your OS code, IIS (assuming a .NET stack) must be able to reach that location, so it can't be on a computer outside it's network, and it must have the priviliges to access that location.

That said, you were talking about the Image Widget. The Image Widget has three ways for specifying the image (also documented here):

  • Static, which needs an Image that is included as Image in Service Studio;
  • External, which needs a URL to the image, and;
  • Database, which needs an Attribute (a combination of an Entity name and a Binary Attribute in that Entity) and an Entity Identifier (which needs to be of type Entity Id, where Entity is the Entity specified in the Attribute).

If you want to display an image that's written in some network location that is not reachable via a URL, the easiest way is to create a Web Screen that has a Preperation that ends in a Download of the image, and logic that retrieves the image (e.g. via a File_Read or the like). But what I wrote above applies: the IIS process needs to have access in that case*.

*You can set the Run As property of the eSpace in Service Center, if you need a specific network user for access.