Introducing ‘Verified’ MVP Status

Apr. 1, 2018

Introducing ‘Verified’ MVP Status

ATLANTA, Georgia — OutSystems honors its top community members with MVP status; it is a coveted superlative that comes with privileges at user conferences, early access to platform features, and insufferable bragging rights.

Due to the MVP label’s immense popularity, OutSystems is following in the footsteps of Twitter and Instagram by introducing a ‘Verified’ MVP status.

Like popular social networks, OutSystems will place a ‘Verified’ check mark alongside the names of those MVPs who have acquired the upgraded rank and provide them with a myriad of exclusive perks.

To apply for Verified MVP status, MVPs must possess a mastery of the OutSystems platform, a thoughtful array of contributions to the community, and an everlasting depiction of the OutSystems community mascot, Neo, etched prominently onto their bodies.

“The requirements are definitely more… rigorous than those of other communities. And some members are naturally pushing back. But we see this as a necessary step in securing an important status symbol.”

MVP members took to the message boards to express concerns regarding the safety and legality of the final requirement. Meanwhile, standard users misunderstood the body art stipulation as a shortcut to obtaining MVP status — this, unfortunately, resulted in hundreds of erroneous tattoos.

Beginning today, MVP members (and MVP members alone) that wish to apply for Verified MVP status may submit prospective designs for their artwork. All designs require approval and must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Designs must depict Neo in a positive or neutral setting
    Tattoos that reflect poorly of the community or of Neo will be laser-removed at the MVP’s expense.

  • Designs must include two square inches of serviceable skin below Neo on which to stamp an identifying QR code
    Verified MVPs will scan this code to gain access to advanced IDE features, an exclusive community area, and ‘the better coffee’ at OutSystems conferences. To accelerate the scanning process, the organization recommends tattoo placement on the neck or face.

The community staff and OutSystems at large is excited to introduce this new and improved MVP status. With Verified status, MVPs will no longer fear the loss of their coveted ranking — because now, it’s permanent.

Carla Teixeira
Developer Community Manager

I got so excited that I decided to get a new tattoo! 

Sounds like a great idea! Love for OutSystems lasts forever anyway :D look at mine:

Loving my new bad-ass look!

Got one too! (with enough room below for the QR code!)

OutSystems power!

Got mine as well.. does it qualify?

I do have some room for the QR code... but maybe not that handy to scan it in the back. The tattoo guy said it was too late to move it somewhere else (he mentioned something related to lasers... got scared). Can I have the QR only in my forearm?



For that extra power :)


Loved it!! :)

Couldn't avoid to get my own..

I got my super power tattooed, what’s yours?

Nice try guys ;) 

Hope this is valid as well. Let me know so that I can finish the job.

I'm with Borrêga... Can I have the QR only in my forearm? :|

If there's one thing this thread has proved, it's that the rich text editor on the forums doesn't auto-size pictures. :D


Got inspired by everyone... literally just got mine done! :D

My kids also joined the tattoo craze!

I thought you said these were fake tattoos?! When is this thing coming off? April fools on me I guess... were fooled!!

Grazina wrote:

I thought you said these were fake tattoos?! When is this thing coming off? April fools on me I guess...