Multi-threading in OutSystems


I've once heard that that the license dictates how many multi-threaded environments you can have as an organization. And by default you production environment works like a multi-threaded environment while all your development environments work in single-threaded mode. I cannot find back this information in the documentation or forum and I wonder if it is actually true. Does anyone know?



Hi Coz,

As far as I know, the license doesn't restrict you in anyway when it comes to a multi-threaded environment... threads will mostly be handled by the web application server (IIS on the .NET stack) - each request will be handled in a different thread by the application server. 

The platform does license parallel execution of timers and business process activities, so that may be what you read about. From what I can see, even Personal Environments have Parallel Execution of Timers set to Unlimited, and Intro-level Enterprise Licenses seem to also have Parallel Business Process Execution set to Unlimited.

Hope this helps!