BPT : Execute Process vs Automatic Activity

hi there, 

i am wondering, what is the difference between executing a sub process inside a main process, using Execute Process widget and using Automatic activity where inside the Automatic activity, call the sub process Extended Action LaunchSubprocess?

When i see in the Service center, the first one is like a synchronous one, where the main process is blocked until the sub process ends, and the second one is asynchronous, the main process is just inactive (terminate/end) meanwhile the sub process is being active (i put a wait activity in the sub main process). 

Is it correct? Thank you.




Hi "Putu",

Yes, when you use the LaunchProcess Extended Action in an Action (or an Automatic Activity), a new Process instance will start asynchronously, and the execution flow of the Action will continue (and eventually finish) independently of the new process instance execution.

When you run a sub-process as part of your process definition, you are basically saying that the current flow of execution of your main process should go through the subprocess execution and, only after the subprocess finishes continue its own execution.


Thank you, I did not find in documentation. Should be put clearly in BPT documentation this difference.


Hi "Pasar Anyar",

I have to disagree with you on this.

By definition a Process is something asynchronous in nature. The behaviour of the LaunchProcess extended action is explained in its documentation.

The behaviour of the Execute Process activity is clearly explained in the documentation: "Your process flow waits for the executed process to end its execution before following on into the next process activity in the path"