Database server license error

Database server license error

I've been using express edition for two weeks now, and suddenly, I got this error, preventing from publishing on the server. I had installed SQL server but it was a few days ago. I had published my eSpaces several times since then.
What can it be the source of the problem?
Thank's in advance,
Francisco Neto
I downloaded a previous version of the eSpace and it work. Don't really know what happened, but it is working. Still I would like to know if there is any incompatibility with th SQL server I installed.
Thank's anyway,
Francisco Neto
Hi Francisco

The OutSystems Express Edition comes with a Free edition license, which is limited in several aspects and features. One of those aspects is the local database server, which means that an OutSystems Platform with this license edition can only be installed in a local SQL Server installation.

As you can see in your license page screen shoot, the OutSystems Platform was unable to determine which type of database server was install on, hence the invalid license error.

Since you've overcome this problem, it was probably a temporary glitch while trying to get the database server information.

In that regard, may I suggest checking the event viewer application and system logs for any related errors at the same time?

Additionally, did you installed you own SQL Server, or was the SQL Server Express Edition installed along with the OutSystems Express Edition?



Miguel João