Incompatible References

Incompatible References

Hi there,

I'm trying to upload my eSpace to outsystems server. I'm having some problems though.

The main problem is, in my localhost eSpace i'm using reference to WidgetLibrary40 in order to use the tabs_server_side configuration.

However, when i upload the eSpace and run it, my tabs are shown in bullets, because the WidgetLibray40 versions are different.

I'm working on the same application as Bruno Rodrigues. We're using he's computer as localhost and consequent upload source to your server.

If you could assist us, it would be a big help.

EDIT: Another question that's been troubling us is, what guarantees do we have that, using references that are on outsystems server, our application won't suffer any changes whenever they do.
Do you think we should hardcode ourselves every single reference we need to use, so we won't take that risk?

EDIT2: Meanwhile we did ourselves what we needed. However we have to reference the GetEntryUrl action from the HTTPRequestHandler pack. Can we have permission to use it? The user with such permission needed is my colleague Bruno Rodrigues.

Thanks in advance,

Rui Pedro
Hi Rui,

Privileges for that extension have been granted. Be aware thought that onlinedev is a development machine, so we can’t really assure the versions of the components published there, you will not have any service level guarantees, and you will not be able to publish your own extensions.

If you are able to install your own server, where you could be the administrator, maybe that would be a better option, as you would have a lot less security constraints and could develop a lot easier and keep better consistency, specially since you are working as a team.

Best Regards,
Tiago Simões
Thanks for the permissions.

Now, we have a different problem. We have referenced the GetEntryUrl action from the HTTPRequestHandler. When publishing on the add references menu it says that the action can not be found in server.

Best Regards,
Hi Rui,

That was what I meant when I was saying that we can’t really assure the versions of the components published in, since this server is being used by hundreds of other developers. This server is meant mostly as a learning environment where simple eSpaces without references can be published so, since it seems you are in a more advanced stage, a better option would really be to try to set up your own server if possible.

Best Regards,
Tiago Simões
Thing is Tiago, we made a site for an academic project. We have no server on our own, so it would be perfect for us to simply use yours.

What we thought was, on one hand: do we have any access to the getEntryUrl function source in order to copy it to our app;
Or in the other hand, could you upload it and give me permission to use it? Sorry for bothering..

EDIT: We realized now, that the action is not in the HTTPRequestHandler.xif but instead in the WidgetLibrary40.
It's already referenced and our app is up and running..

Thanks very much

Best Regards,
Don't worry about bothering Bruno, we're here to help.
Great that you were able to sort it out.