(booking challenge) Invalid Button 'Destination' must be a screen or a screen referen


I try to make it work that the checkout page is a popup. 

But I cannot solve this error message : 

Invalid Button

'Destination' must be a screen or a screen reference in buttons with 'Method' set to 'Navigate'.


This is because on button you have method as navigate but destination is screen action. For navigation, you should associate that with the screen. 

or if you want screen action to be executed on button, set method as submit or ajax submit.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade



Got that part working but still the popup does not close when I confirm a checkout even if I place a popup_close action. 

Hi Roelof,

Change your button's Method to Ajax Submit.

Ajax submit will not work bacause it is purely navigation and that is right.

Try this on 'confirmcheckout' action

and this on oncastnotify action

Thanks. Everything works fine now.