Questions regarding Indoor Navigation App in Outsystems

Questions regarding Indoor Navigation App in Outsystems


Dear Outsystems Experts,

I have requirements for Indoor Navigation App.

I already have indoor map services for doing core functions such as:

- define buildings, floors, indoor/outdoor POIs, paths, category icons, etc

- REST API for get buildings, floors, indoor/outdoor POIs, category icons, etc

- Cordova plugin for accessing native-only functions such as Start/Stop Positioning, Request Direction, Request Navigation Update, Update Navigation, etc

What still troubling me was:

1. I know Google Maps JavaScript API v3 have limitations, especially with navigation with maps rotating on it's own based on Compass bearing sensor.

2. If I had to use Google Maps Native API (android & ios), is there any Cordova plugin available for this?

3. How do I control native Google Maps Native widget using Outsystems, do I have to use native coding again?

Maybe I was pushing Outsystems Platform too far for this requirement?

Would Native would be better option in the end?

Thanks, I eagerly waiting for feedback.