Help us improve the Community Digest

Hi everyone,

As you all know we are working to improve your experience with OutSystems. And one of the next steps is the Digest email content. 

What is the Digest?

The digest is the daily and weekly emails where you are notified about new content in the Community.

(You can subscribe here

How can you help?

You can let us know what you think about how it is currently, how frequently you’d like to receive it, what type of content is, in fact, relevant for you to receive, and other thoughts you might have.

It’s easier when you are part of the solution. So please share with us your opinion and help us improve your experience



I receive it weekly, but I usually just delete it without reading, since I spend enough time on the forum to already be informed :).

I receive the Community Digest daily. 

The most useful part of it to me is the forge components section. Its nice to check out anything new as well as keep up with any updates to any components I currently use on different projects.

I find the forums section that shows the truncated replies to topics to be a bit useless and a bit clunky. In most cases you don't get much out of the replies since they are truncated. 

I think the forums section would be more useful with just the topic and number of replies, also if there was a label/section that brought more attention to the unanswered posts at the time the digest runs. This could bring more attention to the posts that need it, as well as making the section more readable.


I receive the digest weekly. I always scroll down to the second half immediately, the first part that just links to the second part I could do without.

I would really like to see in the forge section whether a component is for mobile or web. This gives better insight what the component is about and if it is interesting for me.