I am working on one web application where I want to call one event on safari browser. 

Here I am using 'pageshow' to get the event when page gets load in safari.

When I am navigating from page A to page B event is getting called perfectly and I am able to do further processing but when I navigate to page A again using link available on page B and click back button on page A again then for some reason event is not getting triggered in jquery code.

Here is the code that I am using - 

$(window).bind("pageshow", function(event) {
    alert('inside pageshow'); 

Can some one help me with solution to call event on click of back button in safari.



HI Durgesh, 

You will need to update your post to include more information about the actions and client side events you are using, as well as the flow of your data. This will help us to better diagnose your issue and hopefully resolve it. Remember, screenshots are very helpful! 


Hello Michael,

I will try to explain issue in more detail.

Here issue is - On back button click in iPhone Safari Browser- I am not receiving event.


Navigate from Page A to Page B = here event is getting triggered on page B i.e. 'pageshow event',

now I navigate from Page B to Page A using some link on Page B,

when I click back button on safari browser then the event registered on Page B is not getting called.