AD_Search returning "Errors": [ "The supplied arguments cannot be null." ]

I'm trying a really simple REST API test. 

In my project I exposed a new REST API method. Within that method I added a single Run Server Action of AD_SearchUser.

I have the method taking a single parameter which I pass to the AD_SearchUser Search property.

I publish the project.

Now in the same project, I consume the same REST API and try to test the call. The only thing the test returns is "Errors": [    "The supplied arguments cannot be null."  ].

I tried calling it directly from a browser but I get the same result. I know it's reaching the correct endpoint because if I don't add the parameter to the url, I get a message that it's missing.

I also tried directly providing a value to AD_SearchUser Search property instead of reading the input parameter but still no luck.

I haven't been able to find any documentation on this.

Hi Joe,

You can debug your exposed REST Methods just like a normal Action. I would advise you to put a breakpoint at the start of your REST method, and debug from there.

It looks like the issue is actually with the AD_SearchUser. I'm working on debugging that.