Installation Lifetime Services

Hi all,

I'd like to use the lifetime services api in my application. In my environment however the Lifetime services eSpace is not available/installed. Does anybody know where I can obtain this espace?

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Matthieu de Graaf

Hi Matthieu

what services you want to use from lifetime?

Your environment will only show applications created, extensions created and some default apps and extensions provided by platform.

Lifetime is not provided for the custom app development.

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Suraj Borade

Hi Suraj,

Thanks for your reply. I'd like to use the usermanagementservice (see According to my knowledge, this isn't an integral part of Lifetime but is implemented as a separate Espace like e.g. the LifeTime SDK. In an OutSystems installation on a other project the eSpace was available: 

, but not in our OutSystems installation.




Hi All,

LifetimeServices was installed on a separate service, so I looked at the wrong server. Besides that, on my server I had to use the url as stated in the documentation without the ".asmx" extension.

The royal way for checking the WSDL. Login on the serviceCenter for the lifetime server. Select the LifeTimeServices eSpace and find the WSDL in the integrations tab.